Saturday, 30 August 2014


I wrote this poem quite spontaneously - literally woke up and it was in my head. Anger is being played out with such devastating effects between Israel and Palestine, in Syria, in the Ukraine and in so many other places in the world. Our children are aware that this is going on around them and it must seem intractable. What hope can we give them of people moving away from acting on their anger towards reconciliation? Maybe teachers would like to share this with children so they can consider what it might mean to make friends with anger. 


Anger strikes suddenly like lightening from a storm
Anger is like a fierce sun burning in the sky
Anger like a powerful wave can knock you over
Anger fills your body like a swirling wind

Then just us quickly as it came it is gone and calm returns
But what it left in its wake?

We are wounded by its lightening strike
Drown in anger's waves
Burn under its penetrating glare
Swept up in its powerful wake

What if we could make friends with anger, talk to it, understand it, channel it?

Then we could laugh at the storm and welcome the refreshing rain
We could jump in the waves as they circle round our bodies
Enjoy the warm glow of the sun on our faces
Run with the wind.

If we could just make friends with anger.

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